“The Box”

Posted on 03. Oct, 2010 by Benjamin Kee in Personal Development

There is a box.  Inside that box is you, your j.o.b., and your life as it is now.  The box is like a trap though, and you can’t figure out how to get out.  How do you get out?

Well, the funny thing is… The instructions for getting out of the box are written on the outside of it.To get out, all you have to do is have someone who is ALREADY outside of the box… Read them to you.  Then follow those instructions and it will spring the trap and open the box… Then you will be FREE!

It’s amazing to me, how so many people are trapped in “the box.”  They SAY that they want to get out, and YET they keep asking other people in boxes for their opinion of how to do it.

“What so you think?”, they ask.  As Bob Proctor says, “They don’t think” … Now “that” is something to think about…

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