‘The Secret” is based on Andrew Carnegie’s principles, as outlined here by Napoleon Hill in his world-renowned best-seller, “Think And Grow Rich”.

… This is “The Secret Behind The Secret.”

Here is how to write your own price-tag on life and attain it:

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The greatest power: The power to take possession of your own mind and direct it to whatever ends you may desire… The ONLY thing over which man has complete and unchallengeable right of control and direction.

Whatever your mind feeds upon constantly, it attracts to you consistently.

Apply, Enjoy, Share.

To Your All-Star Success,


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About the Author

Ben is a full-time professional network marketer, coach, teacher & trainer. He has built organizations in excess of 20,000 members, spanning 14 countries, producing multiple millions in group sales volume. Today Ben makes it his passion to assist others in living a life on purpose, and in doing so, realizing their true full potential and financial independence.


kelvin myers

26. May, 2010

Hello Benjamin, i’m following my gut feelins, in regards to contacting you i pray that you could be of assistance’s in helping me follow thru with my major purpose in life. I have hopes dreams and desires i want to fulfill as well as helping others achieve the same success.

Benjamin Kee

28. May, 2010

Hello Kevin, great to hear from you. I am very glad to hear that. How can I be of assistance to you?

Benjamin Kee

28. May, 2010

Well hello there Christian! Thanks for showing your appreciation and for being a longtime reader. There will be much more content coming soon, so continue to stick around and let me know what you think. Your feedback is always welcome here! Ben

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